Not just class-leading safety. Industry-leading.

Of all the EVs in its class, only the B-Class is a Mercedes-Benz. Standard safety systems include such breakthroughs as ATTENTION ASSIST® to help sense a drowsy driver. New COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS uses radar to help you avoid rear-end accidents with traffic ahead. It can even start braking for you, to help lessen a possible collision.

Plugged or unplugged, it stays connected to you.

The My Mercedes Electric vehicle homepage lets you view your car's charge status, map its driving range, locate charging stations, preheat or cool the cabin, and more, all from your computer or smartphone via the Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers. You also get 3 years of mbrace® and the convenience of its Mobile App on your smartphone



A little advance planning makes home charging easy.

Say goodbye to your gas station. You can "refuel" your B-Class Electric by plugging it in at home. You can use an ordinary 120-volt outlet, or your dealer can offer a 240-volt charger and installation package that can charge it in just a few hours. Visit pluginnow.com and check with your local power utility to learn about other EV incentives.


The first EV that uses radar to maximize its range.

An optional radar-based regenerative braking system is an EV first. When braking or coasting, a radar sensor watches traffic ahead and adapts the brakes to recapture the optimal amount of energy. Seamless and silent, it helps the driver get more miles from every charge. Steering wheel-mounted paddles offer manual control of recuperation, too.

 Science. Without looking like a science project.

Who says an EV has to look like it came from outer space? The B-Class is designed around its inner space, and engineered to feel glued to the road. Its sculpting is aerodynamic. Its stance is athletic. And its details are iconic, from its grille to its LED taillamps. So it's sporty, elegant and fresh, without a hint of strange, eccentric or far-fetched.

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